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Fécamp Grand'Escale

Two impressionist parades in Fécamp

The parade of dories, sail and oar boats and beaching boats

Date and time not determined
A parade to the beautiful port of Yport for the flotilla of dories, sail and oar boats, steam- and beaching boats, with the possibility of landing on the beach as the caïque Vierge de Lourdes does regularly. Yport as Etretat delighted the Impressionists. Painters like Gustave Courbet, Eugène Boudin, Maxime Maufra or Claude Monet contributed to the international fame of these cliffs... When the tide turns, the flotilla will head back to Fécamp to the moorings set up inside the port..

  • Fécamp Grand'Escale
  • Fécamp Grand'Escale
  • Fécamp Grand'Escale

The Tall Ships Parade

Date and time not determined
The parade begins immediately inside the port, the animation reigns. The tall ships set sail, leave the basins and converge on the channel where the crowd is already gathered on the booms. They disembogue from the jetties, parade in front of the seawall and head, with the current, towards Etretat. Once in Etretat harbour, the sailboats will anchor for a short stopover and return to the port of Fécamp before the closing time of the dock doors.

  • Fécamp Grand'Escale
  • Fécamp Grand'Escale
Ville de Fécamp
Agglomération Fécamp Caux Littoral
Région Normandie
Département Seine Maritime 76
Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Seine Estuaire
Artefact Archi
Bénédictine Le Palais
Crédit Agricole Normandie Seine
Cirette traiteur
Courrier Cauchois
France Bleu Normandie
Les Pêcheries Musée de Fécamp
La Min
Grouep Gueudet
Durand Imprimeurs
Musée National de la Marine
Casino de Fécamp
Office Patrimoine Culturel Immatériel
Office Intercommunal du Tourisme
Brico Marché
ECE Groupe
Paris Normandie
Société Fécampoise d'Entreprises Electriques
Réseau du littoral
La Forêt
Hexagone financement
Normandie Attractivité
Marine Nationale

Fécamp Grand'Escale

Fécamp Grand'Escale - 14 Grand Quai - 76400 Fécamp
contact@fecampgrandescale.com - Tél : 02-27-30-93-07

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