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Fécamp Grand'Escale
Hayet Trophy
Hayet Trophy

Fécamp from June 29 to July 3, 2022

Bringing to life the art of the mariners’ songs

By participating in the 9th edition of the Captain Hayet Trophy. Register in one or more of the five challenges of the competition.

Armand Hayet

It was while listening to the sailors embarked with him on merchant sailing ships around 1900 that Captain Hayet noted down the songs that he published in 1927 in his famous collection, where Jean-François de Nantes or Le pont de Morlaix appear for the first time.
Organized since 2015 by the OPCI (Office du Patrimoine Culturel Immatériel) - previously by Le Chasse-Marée -, the Trophée Capitaine Hayet aims to cultivate the art of the mariners’ song, which combines work songs but also dance songs of the people of the sea, laments and compositions.


  • Fécamp Grand'Escale - Trophet Hayet
  • Fécamp Grand'Escale - Trophet Hayet

Singing on the quay, around a capstan, on board a sailing boat

The Hayet Trophy favors oral transmission: the events are not accompanied by sound. It is possible to accompany the songs... but the instruments must be acoustic! The events take place around the capstan of the association Phare Ouest, from Cancale.

  • Fécamp Grand'Escale
  • Fécamp Grand'Escale

The five challenges of the Trophy

Songs of the harbours, of the vigils and of the forecastle

Listen to the songs of the sea and river people sailing on the rivers and the Seven Seas: Normans or Vendeans, Dunkirkers or Sétois, Guadeloupeans or Basques, but also English or Scots, Americans... Without forgetting the Bretons of course! To (re)discover shanties or harbour songs recalling tragedies or "keeping the seafarers in a cheerful mood"!

  • Fécamp Grand'Escale

Songs of the workers of the sea

All types of work songs - except those for turning the capstan and hoisting - are accepted, and in all languages, interpreted without doing the manoeuvre: songs for heaving at the windlass, for pumping, for unhitching, for hauling the nets, for rowing, for cleaning the “runs”, for unloading, for supporting the caulking, for accompanying the work in the curing workshops...

  • Fécamp Grand'Escale
  • Fécamp Grand'Escale

Songs to dance

The songs are done "in the dance" - often leading the mariners’ round - on the floor around the capstan. All the dances of the maritime environment are possible, from the Catalan habanera to the Breton laridé, without forgetting of course the mariners’ rounds of the Vendée, Breton or Norman sailors.

  • Fécamp Grand'Escale
  • Fécamp Grand'Escale
  • Fécamp Grand'Escale

Capstan chanteys

The event takes place while heaving in! Competitors can recruit singers on the spot to complete their crew. The art of capstan song is to rely on the regular sound of the pawls slamming on the floor while singing.

  • Fécamp Grand'Escale
  • Fécamp Grand'Escale

Songs to hoist

The event will take place on board a docked sailboat. Competitors must hoist with at least four singers, free to complete their crew on the spot. The hauling technique can be chosen: "hand over hand", "one pull", "two pulls" or "running".

  • Fécamp Grand'Escale
  • Fécamp Grand'Escale

“Germaines" for the winners!

A contest, but not a competition: the winners (8 in 2015, 2016 and 2017) can no longer represent themselves: their task is now to transmit their art. They each receive a boxed boat germaine - an art in which French longshoremen excelled - made by a master of the genre: Henry Rannou (and offered to the Trophy: thanks to him!).

  • Les gagnants du trophée Hayet 2019
  • Le maquettiste Henry Rannou

Registration for the Hayet 2022 Trophy - Free

The registration includes the indications on the formation (singer, duo or group); the challenge(s) chosen; the text of the song (one per challenge); an MP3 recording.

Rules and registration form available from OPCI: mcolleu@opci-ethnodoc.fr 06 34 96 03 13 here
A candidate (soloist or group) may not enter more than three of the five categories.
Applications that respect the rules will be accepted and confirmed in order of receipt


  • Concours Hayet 2020 à Fécamp Grand'Escale
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Fécamp Grand'Escale

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