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Fécamp Grand'Escale



5 days of maritime celebration, 5 days of music...

A soundscape that complements the maritime landscape

The program, in its diversity of content and musical moments, will create a "soundscape" that will complement the "maritime landscape".
On the quays, at Fécamp Grand'Escale, you will find three stages, each offering a different atmosphere: a large "musical festival" stage, with a superb view in the background of the sailboats' movements; a cabaret tent, conducive to listening, dancing, and "jamming" - musical moments shared by the musicians who wish to join in -; an acoustic stage (without sound system) in the courtyard of the Boucane du Grand Quai, a place to listen to lament singers and other storytellers of sea stories. In addition, there will be bands that will stroll along the quays in music

During five days, forty formations, from the soloist singer to the choir or the group of ball, will make resound popular musics. If that of the people of the sea will be naturally in the honor, you will also be able to discover and savor traditional, current, classical, strolling musics... A rich range of musical genres to please all audiences. Each group is presented on this page.
Over the days, different daily themes will be declined, here are some examples:

  • Le Havre, porte océane : songs of the people of Le Havre and of the sailors of the Seven Seas who stop over there. 
  • Fécamp en chansons: herring, cod and songs !
  • Listening to the sailors of the Channel and the North Sea: songs from the Channel Islands, English chanteys, Dutch laments...

In addition to the concerts of the groups, there will be strong moments of shared music, specific to Fécamp Grand'Escale:  

  • Concerts by bands and choirs from Fécamp and the Pays de Caux: under the impetus of the Fécamp Conservatory of Music, a dozen bands, choirs or music classes from the Conservatory will present programs of music with a maritime theme, including songs collected from Fécamp sailors. These formations are presented on this page, after those of the invited groups.
  • Surprise music: every day, tunes shared on the quays, and at the end of the afternoon, "musical jams" at the cabaret...
  • Let's dance ! Musette ball, traditional Normandy-Brittany ball in the evening, and other moments of dancing during the day. Fécamp mariners’ rounds.
  • "The sailor's cap": sings whoever wants, as long as he has the famous "cap" on his head! He then caps another singer of the assistance who sings in his turn (without paper, without microphone...)
  • Heaving at the capstan: volunteers are invited to walk while singing to heave at a beautiful capstan, with the advice of experienced sailors singers! 
  • Hauling songs: demonstrations of manoeuvring in song to hoist a yardarm of the three-masted ship Marité, by French and English "on-board singers"
  • Great Fécampoise evening : gathered by L'Armée du Chalut and Les Gogotiers, a whole bunch of singers will make you sing  the hits of the Fecampoise fishermen and the workers of the curing workshops : to honor the Cod, or to regret having eaten herring !
  • The "March of the Great Departure": on Sunday, before the final concert, all the musicians present in the festival - violin, oboe, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, clarinet and other accordions - are invited to a great march, sung and played, to go around the quays and greet in music the associations, craftsmen and workers of the sea holding the stands, the crews of the sailing boats, the volunteers of Fécamp Grand'Escale and the public.
  • Surprise music: shared tunes on the quays, meeting of the violin players, big Fécampoise mariners’ round, musical jams at the cabaret...
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Fécamp Grand'Escale

Fécamp Grand'Escale - 14 Grand Quai - 76400 Fécamp
contact@fecampgrandescale.com - Tél : 02-27-30-93-07

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