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Fécamp Grand'Escale
Registered 2022
Registered 2022
      • East Breeze

          • East Breeze
          • Homeport
          • Ipswich
          • Material
          • GRP
          • Rigging
          • Autre
          • Class
          • Tamarisk 22 gaff cutter
          • Construction site
          • North Sea Crafts, Brundall, Norfolk
          • Year of construction
          • Q975
          • Length
          • 6.7 m
          • Width
          • 2.5 m
          • Draught
          • 1.0 m
          • Crutch
          • non
      • East Breeze is a gaff-rigged cutter based in Ipswich on the east coast of England. I sail her single handedly. I am a member of OGA, the association for gaff rigged sailing. In 2014 I sailed to the Netherlands to join the Dutch Gaffers on tour. In 2016 I crossed the channel via Alderney and Guernsey then to Treguier, sailed along the north and west Brittany coast to the festivals at Brest and Douarnenez and also visited Ile Molène. At the end of 2018 I sailed to St Malo and through the canal d’Ile et Rance to Redon where the boat spent the winter. In 2019, I sailed as far south as Pornic before turning round so as to attend La Semaine de Golfe du Morbihan. I then completed the circumnavigation of Brittany and explored the St Malo bight, Granville, Jersey and Cherbourg.
        East Breeze over wintered and was then confined in Cherbourg until July 2020 when I was able to take her home along the north coast of France, stopping in Fécamp en route. I am looking forward to returning to France this summer!
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Fécamp Grand'Escale

Fécamp Grand'Escale - Quai Sadi Carnot - 76400 Fécamp
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